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    WordPress stands as the world’s foremost Content Management System (CMS) globally, prized for its user-friendly interface and robust customization options. Its extensive array of plugins and integrations ensures that websites maintain their unique identity while facilitating effortless management and updates.

    For over a decade, Silverfox Digital’s seasoned WordPress specialists have been crafting bespoke websites for clients across diverse industries. With each project, we enrich our expertise, ensuring that your online presence remains resilient and adaptable to evolving digital landscapes. Explore our portfolio to witness the depth of our experience firsthand.


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    *Results commonly achieved with our past clients

    “Great website experiences don’t have to cost a lot. And, whatever you build should be future-proofed. That’s why we prefer building sites on the WordPress platform. Give us any project requirement and we’ll find a way to swiftly and affordably take you to the finish line with a site you are proud to call your own.”


    Key Attributes of Silverfox’s WordPress Web Development

    WordPress stands out as an exceptionally versatile platform, boasting a vast repository of predefined tools and plugins. Our team of WordPress specialists takes full advantage of these essential resources to craft a bespoke website that not only mirrors your brand identity but also strives to meet your specific goals. The customization process initiates with a thorough evaluation of your target audience’s profiles and their anticipated experiences while navigating your website.


    All Our Sites are Build SEO-Ready

    WordPress distinguishes itself as an incredibly adaptable platform, enriched with an extensive collection of pre-configured tools and plugins. Our dedicated team of WordPress experts fully utilizes them to develop a tailored website that not only reflects your unique brand identity but also to achieve your objectives. Central to this is ensuring your site is easy to ready by Google and other search engine spiders. Every site we produce is ready for SEO from day one. 

    SEO Analytics

    We Install Key Web Analytics Tools 

    Every website we produce, we integrate essential Google Ad Technology, including Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, ensuring you’re equipped to launch intelligent campaigns and conduct precise measurements from the very beginning. We not only install all the necessary analytical tools but also configure the system to align with your goals. Following installation, we provide training to you on how to effectively utilize these tools to their full potential.

    Conversion Tools

    Conversion Rate Optimisation is Core

    Every website we produce features a contact form or a call-to-action. But what additional conversion tools could benefit your business? We look at integrating reviews, testimonials, case studies, or lead magnets. The Silverfox Digital WordPress team is here to assist in establishing the essential conversion tools to boost your website’s conversion rate effectively, so you can achieve ROI faster!

    Mobile Friendly Optimization

    All Our Sites are Mobile Responsive

    With mobile devices generating over half of internet traffic, it’s imperative that your website is fully responsive and adaptable on tablets and other handheld devices to remain competitive. Ensuring your website appears visually appealing and functions seamlessly across all devices epitomizes responsiveness, a standard we prioritize in every project undertaken at Silverfox Digital.


    We Plug Your Site Into Your Business

    It’s common for businesses to utilize a diverse array of tools to streamline operations. These tools encompass a broad spectrum, ranging from CRM systems, email solutions, analytical platforms, and beyond. Our consultation process with each client delves deep into exploring strategies for interconnecting these tools to optimize the performance of your website.

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    Ulster University Qatar

    Silverfox was tasked by this UK university to solve the problems associated with a website that was loading too slow. This was hindering student recruitment initiatives. We conducted site audits and recommended a complete rebuild on a new WordPress platform. The results were astounding! The redesigned site loaded 80% faster, reducing bounce rates. It has now become the fastest-growing university in Qatar.


    Advanced Mobile Filtration

    We were tasked to build the online identity for Advanced Mobile Filtration Solutions (AMFS), a Fort Worth, Texas-based Industrial Water Filtration providing services nationwide. We planned and developed their site from A to Z, helping them rapidly expand their business from just one tractor-trailer to a vast fleet in under two years. Their WordPress website drove many leads and SEO results in few months, leading to their success.

    86 clients and counting rely on Silverfox Digital

    Based on reviews from Clutch, Google, and Facebook

    Silverfox Digital really helped us navigate through the process of setting up a website. We felt well taken care of the entire way. We were pleased that the agency gave more than what they committed to, overdelivering on what was all ready a tall promise. Our business has since grown and we have Silverfox Digital to thank for the work they put into our website.

    Christopher FitzHenry Robling
    Founding Principal at Clearspan Strategic LLC (Chicago)

    WordPress Web Development Process

    Project Discovery

    • 1. Define your objectives and website functionality requirements.  The initial stage involves delineating your goals and devising strategies to achieve them. Furthermore, we outline the necessary functionalities and project assets essential for the success of your endeavor.
    • 2. Research and ascertain your buyer persona and optimal user journey. Your WordPress website will be tailored to cater to the user experience anticipated by your visitors. Crafting your “buyer’s journey” marks an exciting milestone for every client investing in customized WordPress web development.
    • 3. Conduct market and competitive analysis. At Silverfox Digital, we not only scrutinize your competitors but also delve into your industry and market landscape. This comprehensive analysis empowers us to refine your website and incorporate functionalities best suited to your target audience.

    • 4. Develop website architecture and sitemap. Building upon the mapped-out user experience, we establish the overarching structure of your website and construct a sitemap to guide its navigation.

    • 5. Construct high-fidelity prototypes. Subsequently, your website architecture transitions into high-fidelity wireframes, offering you a preliminary glimpse into how each page and element will interact. This phase marks an exhilarating juncture as your website begins to take shape.

    • 6. Conduct SEO research. To kickstart our SEO analysis, we integrate your marketing objectives with the site architecture. We meticulously craft the requisite SEO framework to ensure your finalized WordPress site is optimized for discoverability, providing your target users with the pertinent information they seek.

    Silvefox Digital Web Design

    • 1. Creation of the project style guide. Your project’s style guide acts as the definitive “rulebook” governing the aesthetic and ambiance of your website. Tailored around your branding and priorities, this guide is meticulously developed in collaboration with you, pinpointing the colors, elements, and overall style to be applied throughout your website.

    • 2. Structuring the website architecture. Following the content delineated in your high-fidelity wireframe, we organize an architecture encompassing all the webpages mapped out for your website.

    • 3. Designing the homepage. During this phase, we conceptualize the design of your homepage, recognizing its pivotal role as the foremost representation of your business. Our team devotes meticulous attention to crafting a homepage that establishes a robust foundation for your entire project.

    • 4. Crafting subpage designs. Upon finalizing the homepage design, we proceed to design the remaining internal pages for your WordPress site. Our web designs are meticulously crafted to ensure full scalability across desktop and mobile devices.

    • 5. Development of additional WordPress website elements. Should your website necessitate supplementary elements, we design and integrate them as per your website’s requisites. These elements may encompass highlighting critical information, incorporating calls to action, and more.

    Web Development

    • 1. Mapping out website architecture. This phase of your WordPress website project commences concurrently with the web design phase. The initial step entails delineating the foundational architecture of your entire website.

    • 2. Implementation of approved designs and design elements. Subsequently, we proceed to integrate all endorsed page designs and design elements into your website, slicing and coding them accordingly. The code is then seamlessly linked with your WordPress CMS. Upon completion, your team will receive training on adjusting or modifying your website and content through the user-friendly WordPress admin panel.

    • 3. Incorporating website functionality. Once all the visually appealing, front-facing website design elements are integrated, we proceed to code the functionality of your website. This entails the behind-the-scenes coding encompassing everything from third-party tool integrations to the development of intricate member-access areas.

    • 4. Integration of all content. At this stage, both your website copy and images are incorporated into the site. This marks a pivotal moment wherein all design decisions converge with your brand’s overarching message.

    • 5. Setting up a mobile-responsive site. Silverfox Digital ensures that your website is fully functional and aesthetically appealing across all devices, including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

    Foundational SEO

    • 1. Establishing and prioritizing SEO objectives. Collaboratively with your team, we pinpoint SEO priorities and cultivate long-term insights into your website’s performance vis-à-vis your ranking goals.
    • 2. Integration of onsite SEO into your website. Subsequently, the identified SEO priorities are seamlessly woven into all elements of your website, maximizing the discoverability of your content. This strategic approach enables Google to comprehend the significance of your content, thereby increasing the likelihood of your site being recommended to its users.
    • 3. Verification of embedded SEO keywords on the website. Ensuring that the SEO keywords incorporated into your website are comprehensible to Google is paramount for reaping SEO benefits. We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your website to verify the presence of embedded SEO keywords, facilitating Google’s understanding of every optimization implemented on the page.

    • 4. Implementation of Google Analytics, Google Webmasters, and other monitoring systems. Furthermore, our team establishes all the requisite website monitoring tools essential for your team’s operations. We go a step further by configuring event triggers and collaborating with you to maximize the utilization of the data collected.

    User Acceptance Testing, Launch & Onboarding

    • 1. Testing website functionality and performance. After the completion and optimization of all elements, testing becomes the pivotal final phase to ensure the comprehensive functionality of your WordPress web design. We meticulously scrutinize every detail to maximize your site’s performance.
    • 2. Website approval and launch.
      Upon the conclusion of testing, the finalized website undergoes your review and approval process. Once you grant us the green light, we proceed to launch your website live.

    • 3. Initial performance deployment and tracking. Following the website’s launch, Google promptly discovers and indexes it. Upon completion of this indexing process, we commence monitoring the initial performance metrics to guarantee optimal discoverability and seamless functionality once users land on a page. We collaborate with you to review these initial performance metrics.

    • 4. Training for you and your team. Whether it’s you, other stakeholders, or designated team members within your organization, we provide comprehensive training to those responsible for monitoring, managing, and updating your WordPress website in the future.

    • 5. Ongoing support for your website. Our commitment extends beyond project completion. Initially, our WordPress website development includes a predefined warranty period during which we continuously monitor your website and implement necessary adjustments. Additionally, we offer maintenance packages for ongoing website updates and optimizations. Rest assured, we’re here every step of the way to address any inquiries or concerns you may have.

    The Truth About Creating Custom-Built vs. Template WordPress Websites

    • Upon deciding to embark on the creation of a new WordPress website, a common query arises: “Can I economize by utilizing a template?” WordPress, along with compatible builder plugins, offers an array of templates for individual pages or entire sites, potentially saving both time and money. However, the critical consideration lies in whether a template aligns with your objectives.

      Silverfox Digital or any bespoke WordPress development firm begins by evaluating your marketing goals. If your aim is to enhance lead generation, sales, or visibility, your website is meticulously crafted to drive these outcomes in a predictable and measurable manner. While employing a template may lead to lower upfront costs for website creation, it may not be optimized to deliver specific results, potentially impacting your return on investment. Conversely, a custom-built website is tailored to yield predetermined outcomes. For endeavors focused on traffic, lead generation, conversions, and sales, custom sites invariably represent a superior investment. We encourage you to explore our blog for comprehensive articles elucidating the nuances of custom versus template-built websites.

      Advantages of Opting for a Custom-Built WordPress Website:
      1. Unique design reflective of your brand identity, seamlessly integrating your organization’s character with its marketing objectives.
      2. Enhanced page-loading speed, reducing bounce rates, captivating users more effectively, and securing higher search engine rankings.
      3. Streamlined web design and development devoid of superfluous elements that clutter your admin panel and impede website performance.
      4. Customized SEO architecture augmenting your discoverability and furnishing users with the desired information.
      5. Scalability, ensuring your site evolves in tandem with your business growth.
      6. Return on investment: Initial project expenditure is offset by improved website performance, meeting predefined deliverables.

      Disadvantages of Custom WordPress Development:
      1. Generally entails a higher investment compared to template-based alternatives.
      2. Development of a custom site necessitates a longer timeframe relative to template-based projects.

    Learn More About WordPress Website Design

    Why Select Silverfox?

    Collaborating with clients from diverse industries to construct their WordPress websites brings us immense joy. We firmly believe that the platform stands out as an exceptional tool, simplifying web development and functionality for countless businesses. Here’s why entrusting Silverfox Digital with your WordPress website development project is a decision you can confidently make:

    • Your project is backed by experts who know what they’re doing

    Since the inception of the platform, our team members have been actively engaged with WordPress, garnering remarkable achievements. From crafting feature-laden eCommerce platforms to developing B2B manufacturing websites, we have consistently achieved phenomenal success with WordPress.

    • We communicate well, taking out the guesswork

    Throughout the entire process, we ensure to furnish you with regular status reports regarding your project’s progress, guiding you through the intricacies of your WordPress website. Additionally, we offer comprehensive training sessions for you and your team on WordPress, enabling you to harness the full potential of this user-friendly and exceptionally functional platform.

    • Your site will deliver business results

    At Silverfox Digital, we gauge the effectiveness of your WordPress website based on two key criteria: its user-friendliness for you and your team, and its ability to generate qualified leads and conversions for your business. We dedicate ourselves to diligently striving to achieve these objectives.

    An Agency Team Centered Around YOU

    Each solution is tailored to support your business’s distinct revenue goals. We empathize with the customer’s perspective and align our KPIs accordingly to fulfill their requirements. Our monthly PPC reports are data-rich, enabling you to monitor the progress we’ve made. Customer needs guide our decision-making process, and we maintain full transparency in all aspects of our work.

    Get a Better ROI, Guaranteed

    At Silverfox Digital, our objective is to deliver concrete outcomes for our clients. Therefore, assessing the performance of an agency should center on ROI. From the inception of a campaign, we meticulously refine every aspect to ensure your investment yields optimal results. We continuously optimize, adjust, and refine the campaign to maximize ROI for your business.

    Decades of Experience

    Silverfox Digital stands out as a premier Digital Ad agency, boasting a diverse team of seasoned marketing professionals with extensive experience in the industry. Our experts hail from various realms of digital marketing, and our team has garnered numerous accolades for excellence from reputable entities like Clutch, Google, Facebook, and other industry leaders. We are equipped to tackle any online marketing obstacle you encounter.

    Actionable Reporting

    Our approach to managing Digital Ad campaigns begins with thorough research & analysis, utilizing tools like Google Analytics (GA4) and Google Looker Studio. We delve deeply into understanding your industry, competitors, and customers. This ensures our ad selection is only on the most effective channels. Our commitment to continuous improvement never ends, as we aim to enhance leads and ROI from start to finish.

    Frequently Asked Questions When Planning a Website Project

    Questions We Frequently Receive About WordPress Projects

    What is the cost of a WordPress website?

    The cost of WordPress website development hinges on numerous factors, such as the website’s goals, the technical intricacy of the project, the extent of functionality needed, and the development timeline. Generally, prices for high-performance WordPress web development typically start at $7,500+ for straightforward informational websites and $17,000+ for projects of greater complexity.

    How long does it take to develop a custom WordPress site?

    Typically, crafting a high-performance WordPress website spans a duration of 2-3 months. However, this timeline may vary based on factors such as the required functionality, the complexity of your project’s architecture, and your availability. The latter holds particular significance, as certain stages necessitate client input and/or approval. A streamlined development process and expedited turnaround time can be achieved if your assets are prepared and you’re prepared to commit the requisite time to your project.

    Can you support or enhance my existing WordPress website?

    Should you possess an existing WordPress website, there may be opportunities to update or enhance it to better align with your requirements. The viability of this approach hinges on your individual goals. Was your current website initially crafted with your present objectives in mind? Was it optimized to aid in achieving those aims? Was it effectively configured from a technological standpoint?

    Should you wish to delve into this possibility, initiating with an assessment is advisable. Our team will conduct a thorough review of the strategy and technology implemented on your current website, subsequently presenting you with a range of options to consider. You may even qualify for our convenient Website Management Unit (WMU) service that is so popular with our other clients.

    Should I choose a template-based or custom-built WordPress website?

    Newly established companies frequently gravitate towards template-based websites due to their perceived affordability. However, templated WordPress websites entail numerous drawbacks. They typically exhibit slower loading times across various devices, which can adversely impact your search engine rankings on platforms like Google. Additionally, they confine your online strategy to predefined notions of “brand,” “user experience,” and “buyer persona.” To empower your website to effectively align with your specific objectives, a custom WordPress site is imperative. Feel free to reach out to us for a consultation, where we can provide a comprehensive explanation of the disparities between custom-built and template-based WordPress websites.

    Is WordPress the right CSM for my project?

    While WordPress stands as the leading CMS globally, its widespread popularity doesn’t inherently make it the optimal choice for every project. If you seek deeper insights into the strengths and weaknesses of WordPress compared to alternative platforms such as Squarespace, Wix, and Drupal initiate a dialogue with our team. We’ll provide a comprehensive breakdown of the distinctions and pros and cons associated with each platform.


    The Silverfox team is ready to work closely with you to deliver a high-impact WordPress website that drives results.

    • We size-up your expected business growth and sales goals
    • We look at your competitive landscape and target market
    • We discover any functionality that is required
    • We consider all stages of the sales funnel in our site planning
    • We integrate Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and more

    Silverfox Digital will discuss your options on either building a new website or improving your existing site. Sometimes, you can benefit more from just a refresh!

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