SilverFox Restaurant Marketing & Consulting

SilverFox Digital comes from a rich background in the Restaurant business. As a descendent of one of the largest restaurant chains in the United States in the 1960’s and 1970’s, Food & Beverage runs in the family!

We are providing marketing and consulting services to a broad array of restaurants across Qatar. We work closely with managements to maximise F&B revenues, improve customer service, and articulate the brand. We cover 5-star restaurants through to everyday dining and niche outlets.

We are very active in the restaurant social media space, website building, videography and photography, as well as the food blogger scene in Qatar. In fact, we are the creators of Qatar’s unbiased restaurant review site, and have formed a Blogger-of-the-Month programme for restaurants looking for added exposure.

We offer bespoke customer service training to hotels, airline, airport, and yes…restaurants. Would you like to see your service levels grow and translate into higher revenues? Give SilverFox a call and we can help you build sales through better customer service.

Do you have a challenge in your restaurant that you would like us to tackle? Give us a test drive so we can prove that our depth of experience really does matter when selecting an agency.


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