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    Silverfox SEO Packages

    Silverfox Digital’s Grwoth Starter Plan offers setup for ad campaigns on various platforms, keyword research, landing page optimization, A/B testing for ad copies and landing pages, conversion tracking, and monthly performance reports.

    Growth Starter

      • Our Basic package
      • 25 optimized key phrases
      • Up to 5 website pages optimized
      • Starter-level on-page SEO strategy
      • Starter-level keyword research
      • 1 new page built to enhance your SEO
      • Up to 5 local contact listings
      • Starter-level performance reporting


      Elevate your small business with specialized website optimization focused on your local service area. Benefit from targeted content and a streamlined link-building package designed to boost organic traffic.

      Grow Faster

        • Growth Starter package benefits plus: 
        • 40 optimized key phrases
        • Up to 10 website pages optimized
        • More detailed SEO strategy (on+off-page)
        • Extensive keyword research
        • 3 new pages of content (monthly)
        • Up to 10 local contact listings
        • Grow Faster-level KPI reporting (monthly)
        • 1.5 hours of web development (monthly)
        • Review acquisition & reputation monitoring
        • Lead acquisition and qualification


        Ideal for small and medium businesses seeking swift SEO expansion, this package offers thorough website optimization targeting both local and nationwide service areas, with content and link-building packages to amplify our strategy.

        Growth Hacker

          • Grow Faster package benefits plus:
          • 100 key phrases optimized
          • Up to 20 website pages optimized
          • Full-Scale SEO strategy (on+off-page)
          • Full-scale keyword research
          • 5 new pages of content (monthly)
          • Up to 20 local NAPs listings
          • Growth Hacker-level KPI reports (monthly)
          • 3 hours of UX & website work (monthly)
          • Enhanced levels of reviews & reputation monitoring management
          • Enhanced levels of lead qualification


          Boost your SEO and attract clients in competitive markets with comprehensive website optimization, expanded page and keyword coverage, plus substantial content and link-building packages to elevate your business.

          Prefer a Bespoke Package?

          At Silverfox Digital, we specialize in assisting small and medium businesses, both nationwide and local, to enhance lead generation and boost your sales. Tailoring custom solutions to your industry and niche, we ensure your specific needs are met, helping you attain your business objectives. If you’d prefer a package that is tailored to your specific objectives, reach out to explore how our SEO expertise can benefit you!


          We’ve developed SEO packages tailored to the needs of your business

          Local Search SEO Packages

          Starting at only $299/month, we offer comprehensive Local SEO packages for local businesses seeking to establish or grow their online presence and reach more customers. With the goal of getting your website into the Local 3-Pack at the top of the results page, we will tackle everything from local keywords to your Google Business Profile to managing your reputation.

          Law Firm SEO Packages

          Law firms and attorneys often struggle to implement effective SEO strategies, resulting in missed client opportunities for lucrative cases. Our tailored SEO packages address this challenge. Proficient in targeting your specific region, our team of legal marketing experts can enhance your client base and billable hours, ensuring your firm has the visibility it needs to thrive.

          Home Services SEO Packages

          Regardless of your niche within the home service industry, Silverfox is poised to devise a personalized strategy for your business. Prioritizing lead generation and higher sales, our SEO packages guarantee you’ll stand out amidst competitors, fostering a strong reputation that outshines the rest and delivers results.

          Education Sector SEO Packages

          Our SEO packages for the Education Sector are designed to attract more student prospects, enhance your site traffic, drive inquiries, and elevate your tuition revenue. By optimizing your educational platform with SEO strategies, we facilitate higher search engine rankings, increasing reach to potential students.

          Travel Sector SEO Packages

          In the travel sector, catering to airlines, tourism organizations, hotels, and rental car companies, we understand that search engine visibility is paramount. We concentrate on driving your SERPs higher, while building while you share of voice for the search terms that matter most. Your awareness and direct response results will be felt while you focus on what you do best.

          Small Business SEO Packages

          With SEO, small businesses possess unprecedented opportunities to rival industry giants. With extensive experience partnering with start-ups over the years, Silverfox understands the ingredients for success. Our SEO packages are meticulously customized to cater to the distinct needs of small businesses, ensuring your visibility in the market.

          Get in Touch with our SEO Experts

          Silverfox Digital would be happy to help you identify a tailored SEO package that meets your specific needs. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation. 

          How can our SEO Packages impact your business?

          Our SEO packages put our decades of SEO knowledge to work for you. The end-game is that your website will rise up the ranks and gain more visibility to prospective clients or customers. According to research, Google relies of more than 200 factors when assigning page rankings to websites. Our SEO packages integrate essential search engine optimization strategies, meticulously crafted to boost brand visibility, elevate sales, and yield a high return on your investment.

          By merging our decades of SEO experience and cutting-edge marketing technology, our tailored SEO plans guarantee an enhanced search engine rankings. On average, clients witness a 114% surge in SEO traffic, a 52% increase in sales or qualified leads, and a 14% uptick in conversion rates within just one year. Suitable for both local and international campaigns, our affordable SEO packages put your brand into the spotlight for customers who are searching for your products and services.

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          OUR PROMISE

          We Align our Goals with Yours and we Guarantee Your Satisfaction. 









          *Results commonly achieved with our past clients

          “We’ve been in the digital space for decades and have firmly grasped the importance of SEO for business success. With a high degree of transparency in everything we do, we will build accountability into our engagement with you. We have built a great relationship and reputation with our clients over the years because they know we have their best interests in mind. We deliver results!”

          FOUNDER & CEO

          What’s Included in Silverfox SEO Packages?

          Our Search Engine Optimization packages are engineered to elevate your return on investment. Catering to both startups and large multi-national companies, our comprehensive suite of SEO services encompass all the essentials for success. With a multifaceted approach, we execute on- and off-page SEO, leverage content marketing, optimize meta tags, and delve into other ranking factors. You’ll receive access to these key features:

          Marketing Strategy Consultation

            Crafted specifically for your business needs, our bespoke SEO packages prioritize a comprehensive consultation and assessment of your objectives and long-term aspirations. This initial step ensures a tailored marketing strategy is formulated, aligning perfectly with your requirements to deliver the optimal SEO package for your success.

            Competitor Analysis & SWOT

              We conduct a thorough evaluation of your competitive landscape, including a SWOT analysis. This assessment helps us pinpoint competitors with the highest traffic, select keywords, and determine the most effective techniques to boost your revenue. We monitor your competitors, adapting our strategy to ensure your sustained success.

              SEO Strategy Benchmarking

                Our team conducts a comprehensive SEO audit, examining various aspects such as traffic, directory listings, Google Business Profile status, content quality, link profiles, keyword effectiveness, and web design among other factors. This evaluation enables us to craft an effective SEO strategy tailored to your business needs, for more leads, boost conversions, and ultimately drive revenue.

                On-page Technical SEO Optimization

                  To attract more clients and increase your revenue, a high-quality website is essential. Our website SEO packages optimize your site to ensure it operates at peak performance and is easily indexed by Google. This includes enhancing user-friendliness, speed, and mobile responsiveness, as well as implementing backend elements to boost search engine rankings and visibility.

                  On-page Content Optimization

                    Our SEO services include meticulous content optimization, where we audit your content to ensure accuracy, SEO-friendliness, and above all, relevance for your target audience. Leveraging keyword research and the expertise of seasoned copywriters, we generate compelling content adjustments aimed at elevating your presence to the top of search engine results pages.

                    Extensive Link Building Strategy

                      Through our analysis of your existing link-building profile, we formulate a strategic blueprint to acquire relevant and authoritative backlinks for your business. Why? Because when esteemed websites link back to yours, search engines perceive this as a vote of confidence, enhancing your website’s ranking prowess. This is one of the most vital elements of our service.

                      Continued Link Building

                        The process of link building extends far beyond just strategizing! We are committed to the ongoing effort of link-building, behind the scenes. We secure more backlinks every month which is a key signal to Google algorythms. Our overarching goal to elevate your search traffic will result in more visitors and higher conversion rates

                        Lead Generation Tracking

                          Our SEO packages also encompass lead generation tracking to evaluate the efficiency of our marketing tactics, identifying the top-performing channels, keywords, and pages in generating leads and conversions. Furthermore, you’ll gain deeper insights into optimizing your lead handling processes and identifying the most effective strategies.

                          SEO & KPI Reporting and Reviews

                            We provide monthly SEO and KPI reporting and review services so you have a pulse on our SEO performance. We leverage key first-party and third-party data sources to assess the outcomes of our efforts. This visibility ensure accountability by all parties so we can collectively reach your desired business goals. 

                            SAMPLES OF OUR WORK

                            Silverfox Digital SEO Case Studies


                            Redacted Airline Client


                            Qatar Museums Authority

                            86 clients and counting rely on Silverfox Digital

                            Based on reviews from Clutch, Google, and Facebook

                            Mr. Colin Neubronner

                            Michael at Silverfox is way ahead of the curve in terms of technology acumen and its application on a day-to-day basis. Michael has a much stronger digital marketing DNA than most of his peers.

                            Ms. Dana Benhida

                            Michael at Silverfox is way ahead of the curve in terms of technology acumen and its application on a day-to-day basis. Michael has a much stronger digital marketing DNA than most of his peers.

                            Mr. Ryan Bowd

                            Silverfox works tirelessly to deliver for clients, with a clear focus on meeting expectations and delivering results. Highly Recommended.

                            Why Clients Choose Silverfox Digital SEO Services

                            Leveraging meticulously analyzed data, our SEO specialists craft an extensive SEO growth plan tailored to empower you to establish dominance in your market by securing top rankings on search engines.

                            • As one of the only SEO agencies committed to guaranteeing results, our track record speaks volumes
                            • With proven outcomes, we’ve elevated our clients’ organic traffic significantly
                            • Boasting a history of securing top Google rankings for more than 40 clients, we’ve consistently delivered
                            • For revenue objectives, we provide transparent tracking against our 12-month SEO plan, along with insightful SEO consultations

                            An Agency Team Centered Around YOU

                            Each solution is tailored to support your business’s distinct revenue goals. We empathize with the customer’s perspective and align our KPIs accordingly to fulfill their requirements. Our monthly PPC reports are data-rich, enabling you to monitor the progress we’ve made. Customer needs guide our decision-making process, and we maintain full transparency in all aspects of our work

                            Get a Better ROI, Guaranteed

                            At Silverfox Digital, our objective is to deliver concrete outcomes for our clients. Therefore, assessing the performance of an agency should center on ROI. From the inception of a campaign, we meticulously refine every aspect to ensure your investment yields optimal results. We continuously optimize, adjust, and refine the campaign to maximize ROI for your business.

                            Decades of Experience

                            Silverfox Digital stands out as a premier Digital Ad agency, boasting a diverse team of seasoned marketing professionals with extensive experience in the industry. Our experts hail from various realms of digital marketing, and our team has garnered numerous accolades for excellence from reputable entities like Clutch, Google, Facebook, and other industry leaders. We are equipped to tackle any online marketing obstacle you encounter.

                            Actionable Reporting

                            Our approach to managing Digital Ad campaigns begins with thorough research & analysis, utilizing tools like Google Analytics (GA4) and Google Looker Studio. We delve deeply into understanding your industry, competitors, and customers. This ensures our ad selection is only on the most effective channels. Our commitment to continuous improvement never ends, as we aim to enhance leads and ROI from start to finish.