Media Monitoring



SilverFox Digital Communications offers the very best media monitoring solutions in the industry, suitable for any budget. Do you know what people are saying about your brand? Are you nimble enough to be a first-responder in the wake of a crisis or a difficult news piece?

We offer online and offline media monitoring for your brand, and because of our flexibility, we can offer short-term or long-term solutions. The majority of our solutions are in the online media monitoring space, as we find this to be a more cost-effectie route to monitoring your media.

The costs of Media Monitoring can be all over the map, so it is our priority at SilverFox Digital Communications to listen to your needs and prescribe the lowest-cost solution that meets your requirements. We can provide end-to-end set-up and dashboard reporting so the right people at your company have their finger on the pulse of the mainstream or social media.

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