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Imagine the customer journey at your business. What is the mobile penetration of your customer base? Probably more than 100%! How prepared are you to market to your customers on their most intimate device?

Are you responsible for the customer experience at an Airline, Airport, Hotel, Shopping Mall, or Sports Club? Silverfox’s Social CRM solution may be your ticket to social media success.



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[service_box title=”Map the Customer Journey” icon=”no” text=”Silverfox Digital works with its clients to map the customer journey, identifying points along the way where automated (smart) Twitter messages can make their highest impact on customer satisfaction.” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self” custom_class=”with-number first vertical-line-start”]

[service_box title=”Content Planning” icon=”no” text=”Our process includes planning content for your Tweets, with services ranging from copywriting to finding key data-points time, temperature in order to build additional logic inside your automated Tweets (such as promoting dinner offers after 4PM, etc.).” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self” custom_class=”with-number second vertical-line-end”]



[service_box title=”Get Merchandising Offers” icon=”no” text=”Our clients then negotiate simple, and effective, merchandising offers with its tenant or vendor partners, enabling them to acquire massive increases in foot traffic using your automated Tweets.” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self” custom_class=”with-number third vertical-line-start”]

[service_box title=”Test, Launch, and Watch Sales & Followers Grow!” icon=”no” text=”Simply get your customers to Tweet a message to you at the start of the customer journey, and watch the magic happen, as your tenant/partner’s sales fly and your brand’s Twitter following rapidly expands.” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self” custom_class=”with-number fourth vertical-line-end”]



How the Silverfox Social CRM solution fits into your business

Our Social CRM solution has myriad applications. Below, we highlight a few, such as Airlines, Airports, Hotels, Shopping Malls, and Sports Clubs.

Airlines Use Case

Austrian Airlines Crew Greets Customer - Creative Commons

Your customers simply send a Tweet with their record locator to: @yourairline. This triggers a series of useful messages, which could include:

  1. a thank you for booking with your airline
  2. a pre-trip helpful packing tips Tweet alerting customer of weather conditions at destination city
  3. an online check-in reminder
  4. invitation for discounted ancillary revenue products such as travel insurance, seat upgrades, onboard duty free, rental car, hotel, etc.
  5. day-of-flight gate alerts for departure and arrival cities
  6. day-of-flight alerts such as FLIFO, connecting gate info
  7. Arrival greetings
  8. Net Promoter Score measurements
  9. Fly-now-save-later coupons as a way of thanking customers for their business, etc.

With Silverfox’s Biz Tweet, your airline gets all this proactive customer engagement without the need for additional staff.

Airports Use Case

Berlin Airport Creative Commons

Your customers simply send a Tweet with their flight number and date to: @yourairport. This triggers a series of useful messages that could include:

  1. a thank you for choosing to fly out of your airport
  2. a check-in desk notification directing users to the right check-in counter
  3. an invitation to visit a featured food & beverage establishement before their flight
  4. invitation for discounted duty free items with select merchants or brands
  5. gate alerts for departure
  6. departure greetings & thank you
  7. Net Promoter Score measurements

With Silverfox’s Biz Tweet, your airport can have proactive customer engagement and higher sales per-passenger without the need for additional staff. [/accordion] [/accordions]

Hotels Use Case

Hotel Lobby in China - Creative Commons

Upon initial check-in, your front-desk staff ask your customers to send a Tweet with their length of stay in days to: @yourhotel. This triggers a messages which could include:

  1. a welcome greeting to your customers
  2. a dinner offer for one of your F&B outlets (e.g. after 2PM)
  3. a 2-for-1 spa package offer
  4. happy-hour or social offers
  5. extra hotel rewards points offered for specific Twitter engagement, eg. retweets posts, email subscriptions, etc.
  6. special thank you message upon check-out
  7. Net Promoter Score measurements

With Silverfox’s Biz Tweet, you can increase your guest-spend and customer loyalty without the need for additional staff.

Shopping Malls Use Case

Mall of Americas - Creative Commons

As customers arrive to your mall, get them to send a Tweet with their length of visit in hours to: @yourmall. This triggers a sequence of messaging which could include:

  1. a welcome greeting to your shoppers
  2. a lunch offer for one or more of your F&B outlets (e.g. after 10:30AM)
  3. a discount on home products at a department store
  4. a buy-one, get-one at 50% off movie tickets offer
  5. a sign-up to your mall’s email list for the chance of a lucky draw prize
  6. towards the end of the shopping visit, a Tweet invite to shop at the attached supermarket for a free gift on spend over USD100
  7. Net Promoter Score measurements
  8. A special thanks to your guest for their visit

With Silverfox’s Biz Tweet, you can increase the value of each mall visitor, provide your tenants an amazing merchandising opportunity, and build loyalty without the need for additional staff.

Sports Clubs Use Case

FC Barcelona Football Stadium - Creative Commons

Upon arrival to your club’s stadium, you ask fans to send a Tweet with a specific hashtag to: @yourteam. This triggers a messages which could include:

  1. a welcome greeting to your fans
  2. twitter contest engagement using hashtags shown during the match on your scoreboard
  3. offers for specific in-stadium F&B outlets
  4. souvenier offers for game jerseys and other fan merchandise
  5. sponsor offers for redemption within 3 days of the match
  6. Twitter polls
  7. offers on tickets to future game dates with less demand
  8. special thank you message at conclusion of match
  9. Net Promoter Score measurements

With Silverfox Social CRM, your fans will spend more and will have a higher connection to your club without the need for additional staff.

How Much Does it Cost?

Our pricing is a simple, non-nonsense monthly fee based on the size of your company. This fee is less than the cost of hiring a social media staff member. Our agreements usually span two years, with year one being a simple monthy fee regardless of how many active users you have. In year two, the pricing adjusts to a simple cost-per-user (with unlimited messaging allowed for each user). Contact us today for a consultation and quote so we can show you how Silverfox Social CRM can enhance your place on the social grid!

Do I need my IT team to be involved?

It may come as a surprise, but your IT team does not need to be involved, except in special case scenarios. 90% or more of our work can be completed directly with the Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Communications, or Operations teams. IT departments only get involved with us when we apply logic specific to your business (e.g. linking traveler’s itineraries into a Tweet using your data). In most cases, you will not need the help of IT to implement our solution.

Contact Silverfox Digital now to order to begin enhancing your Customer Relationships using Silverfox Social CRM.

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