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SilverFox Digital can help you obtain the domain names you are looking for. A Domain Name is critical to your business, as it is the key conduit between your brand and customer’s fingertips. Gaining instant recall of your domain is vital to securing brand strength online.

SilverFox Digital offers a domain acquisition service whereby we contact domain registrars and domain owners on your behalf to broker your preferred domain name. Our fees for this service are very simple:

  • Domains up to $1,000. Fees are 30% of the domain selling price ($200 min.).
  • Domains $1,001 to $10,000. Fees are 20% of the domain selling price
  • Domains $10,001 to $100,000, our fees are 15% of the domain selling price
  • Domains $100,001 and above, our fees are 12% of the domain selling price

We have a hand-picked selection of domains for sale on a consignment basis by owners worldwide. Any one of these can be yours. Simply contact us and we can provide pricing and broker a transaction, at no cost to you.

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Domain Investing

Have you ever wondered who’s behind large domain address sales? It is people like you who have thought of a great idea, typed it into IdentitySouq, GoDaddy, Hostgator, or some other registrar, and walked away with a valuable domain name for as little as $9.99 per-year. Before you go out and acquire a domain name portfolio, we thought we would share 5 helpful tips when buying a website domain.

5 Tips for Buying a Domain Name

  1. Buy the .COM domain and don’t worry about the rest. Unless you are creating a brand or entity that requires domain name protection, don’t bother with the other extensions, like .CO, .BIZ, etc. Given the low cost of a website domain, you may want to consider the second most valuable commercial domain extension for your brand… .NET. Now, if your business begins to turn north and you see a big future, snap up all the other popular domains and misspellings that you can before someone else does.
  2. Beware of front-running. You don’t want to come up with a great idea, type it into the registrar website to see if it’s available, only to find out that it is no longer available by the time you’ve entered your payment details. Whilst we do not have confirmation that this happens, there are far too many stories by would-be domain owners stating that their domains were picked up by someone else the moment they searched for a domain. It is very possible that this can happen, though now domain name registrar will admit it. So, Silverfox recommends you be prepared to buy your domain name the moment you find it.
  3. Include SEO Keywords in your Domain Name. It happens all too often in the Middle East where a business names themselves after their own family name or a classic Arabian phrase. The big problem with this strategy is that it’s more difficult for your customers to find you (and Google, too, for that matter). If you want Google (and real visitors) to find you, be sure to include keywords related to your business (such as www.qatarautoparts.com). In the long-run, you will be the winner, as your SEO Search Engine Results Page (SERP) results will have a far greater chance of reaching their way to the top.
  4. Match your Domain Name to your company’s Brand Name when possible. If you aren’t creating a keyword-rich domain name as in the example in #3, you should work hard to secure your brandname.com domain address. Whilst domain names are only allowed to reach 67 characters, Silverfox Digital recommends that you maintain as short of a URL as possible that your clients can remember, without unnecessary numbers or punctuation. While it can be difficult to find short domain names that mean anything, it is worth you having a close look before making your final choice.
  5. Don’t-hyphenate-your-domain-name! Unless you are looking to just park a domain name for accidental type-in traffic, Silverfox Digital recommends against individuals or companies registering domain names with the hyphen. The upside to hyphens is that Google spiders can more easily read the keywords of the site this way, but imagine the problems you’ll have with your user-base. Your competitor with the simple .com, will take a high amount of web traffic away from you. Therefore, please stick with keyword-based or brand name URLs that replicate the brand, but leave the hyphens at home when you buy a domain name.

Silverfox Digital works with three primary partners for our domain name purchases, and all are recommended sources for choosing and buying domain names for your business or for investment. We recommend buying your domain at www.identitysouq.com and also can also recommend  www.godaddy.com.

Domain Parking

D-park Pro – We highly recommend this tool to help you earn extra income whilst your hold your domain names. The advantage of D-park Pro is that you are able to manage unlimited domain names and keep 100% of domain parking revenues. Most domain hosting providers keep at least 70-90% of domain parking revenues, therefore, you can earn substantially more income by parking the domains yourself. We are particularly pleased with the customer service levels we have seen from the D-park Pro team. They will assist you every step of the way to ensure your domains are parked properly. Try D-park Pro.

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