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SilverFox Digital & Social Media Certification Course

La Cigale Hotel Doha – a 5-star venue that includes lunch; Tailored to Your Schedule: Weekend Class – 4 days over two weekends and a 1/2 an evening.

Weekend Class (Starts 7th April 2017)

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[td1]7, 8, 15, and 16th April 2017[/td1]
[td3]La Cigale Hotel Doha[/td3]

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[td3]La Cigale Hotel Doha[/td3]


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Digital Marketing and Social Media are breaking-out as the most important marketing platform in Qatar. Our firm predicted this almost a year ago, and it is readily apparent that the fortunes of digital marketing are clearly tied to the lower price of oil. If your company is not actively growing its digital marketing budgets, it is falling behind. Are you ready to spearhead the digital marketing and social media efforts at your company? Or are you ready to find (or manage) an agency with a digital-first mind-set?

The choice is yours, but a look at what has happened in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and even closer by, Dubai, gives a clear indication that Qatar’s run-up to the FIFA 2022 World Cup is going to be powered by a steep rise in Digital Marketing. It’s time to prepare yourself for this unstoppable trend.

About the Course

The SilverFox Digital & Social Media Certification Course encompasses a perfect blend of theory, hands-on, and the opportunity to become Google certified. By striking the right balance, you will not only find greater career opportunities, but you will also be equipped with the necessary hands-on knowledge to make a positive impact at your company.

The course, valued at QR14,000 (compared to similar courses in Europe), is offered for QR5,000. Bring a friend or colleague, and each of you will save 20% (for a fee of QR4,000).

At the conclusion of the course, not only will you pass a Google certification exam, you may be offered a trainee or intern role at SilverFox Digital or one of its clients. All class participants will become part of an alumni group, offering an ongoing networking opportunity

About our Expert Instructor from USA

Michael Stellwag, The Silver Fox & CEO at The Silverfox Digital GroupOur Senior Trainer is our founder, Mr. Michael Stellwag from Chicago, USA, who led the digital brands of Singapore Airlines and started the digital efforts of Qatar Airways. He has more than 400 hours of digital marketing training experience across six countries and three continents, with more than 23 years of combined digital marketing experience and 10 years of experience in the Qatar market.

As a former Wall Street Analyst with investment industry giant, UBS, and holder of an MBA in Finance from Texas, Michael has the business acumen to help you build a solid business case to drive the digital agenda at your firm.



Day 1: Marketing & Communications Basics; Digital Marketing and Social Media Overview; Campaign Planning & budgeting

Learning objective: Understand why digital marketing is so important to your company and learn how to plan, budget, and more importantly, sell it into your organisation.

  • What are digital marketing and social media?
  • The growth of the internet and multichannel communications
  • How digital fits with traditional marketing
  • Targeting prospects and customers by potential value
  • Accountability through measurability; understanding ROI
  • How to develop strategies and direct and digital communication plans
  • How to plan a campaign
  • How to budget for digital


Day 2: Ad Tech – Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Tag Manager; and Market Research

Learning objective: Understanding how companies Plan & Evaluate their Digital Marketing effectively by using Ad Technology Tools.

  • What is Ad Technology and why does it matter to your company?
  • What to measure to evaluate your online and offline campaigns
  • Key performance indicators on and offline and how to calculate them
  • How know how much you should spend on new versus repeat customers
  • Using results to optimise your campaign
  • Microtargeting as a means of analysing performance
  • Non-cash measures of branding success


Day 3: Search Engine Optimisation & Pay Per Click Marketing

Learning objective: Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing are considered the top generators of return on investment. In this module you will learn the precise ways you can increase your website’s Page rank, but also, how to purchase the right keywords at the right time to buy your website to the top of the results. In the end, you will be able to drive leads to your firm.

  • Search Engine Principles
  • What is Search Engine Optimisation
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • What is Search Engine Marketing?
  • Fundamentals of SEM
  • Hands-on module for setting up your own account


Day 4: Social Media

Learning objective: Understanding what social media really means to businesses in Qatar, and how to leverage them for customer success and content marketing. Many companies in Qatar don’t know why they are on social media. You will gain a deep understanding of why social media really matters and how you can sell it in your organisation.

  • What are the key attributes of each of the major social media platforms?
  • How to prepare your organisation for social media success
  • Employee conduct on social media
  • Social Listening
  • Social Engagement
  • Social Care
  • Social Media Strategy


Day 5: Capstone Project and Google Testing

Learning objective: Understanding the key concepts learned in the previous four days by demonstrating your understanding of digital marketing strategy and campaign management. Take, and pass, a Google Certification exam.

  • Convince the mock board of directors about your digital marketing strategy and campaign. Defend your positions and win budget for your cause.
  • Take, and pass, a Google Certification exam online.


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Price: QR5,000 (Special Offer: bring a friend or colleague, and save 20% for a fee of QR4,000 each)

Payments may be made via Cash, Cheque, Bank Wire, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.


[sf_testimonial author_name=”Mohamed Salem, Vice President Marketing and Communications” author_img_url=”” author_company=”Qatar Insurance Company” author_website=””]Our course was very informative and hands-on. It enabled my team to manage much of their own digital marketing activities, saving us thousands in marketing expenses. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to go digital.[/sf_testimonial]


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