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    All ad packages from Silverfox Digital include: A Consultation on your Marketing Strategy, Competitor Analysis, A Review of your SEO Strategy, Suggested Technical SEO Enhancements, Content Optimization, Ad Trafficking, Optimization, and Reporting.

    Get Local Ads Plan


    • Our Basic Plan best suited for small businesses
    • Establishment of Google’s Local Services Ads (LSA) account
    • Conducting research to select keywords for LSA campaigns
    • Development of up to 5 LSA campaigns
    • Creation of up to 5 LSA campaigns
    • Enhancing landing pages for LSA campaigns
    • Providing monthly reports on campaign performance

    Get Scale Ads Plan


    • Includes benefits of our Get Local Ads Plan
    • Setting up and configuring accounts on Google and Bing networks
    • Managing and optimizing bids
    • Conducting A/B tests on ad copy and landing pages
    • Establishing and monitoring conversion tracking set-up and managing retargeting campaigns
    • Implementing a Google Click ID data set for better tracking and ad optimization
    • Providing a dedicated account manager and support team

    PPC Enterprise Plan

    15% of ad spend/month

    • Includes benefits of our Get Scale Ads Plan
    • Tailored account setup and configuration
    • Extensive exploration and selection of keywords
    • Testing variations of ad copy and landing pages
    • Comprehensive establishment of conversion tracking
    • Sophisticated monitoring of conversion tracking
    • Advanced analysis and reporting Round-the-clock support from a dedicated account manager and team

    Unlock Growth Opportunities with Our Digital Advertising Management Services!

    Our Digital Ads Management services will rapidly broaden your customer reach. Digital Ads Management involves strategies for promoting your business through search engine advertisements. We’ll support you in positioning your business prominently at the forefront when potential customers search for your services on Google or Bing.

    Drive Sales Higher with our Digital Ad Services

    At Silverfox Digital Ads Management, our top-tier pay-per-click management solutions refine, supervise, and enhance your PPC strategies to deliver a superior ROI. This encompasses everything from precise keyword selection to optimizing ad expenditure and targeting the ideal audience.

    Accelerate your growth by engaging customers across diverse channels of the sales funnel, including Google, Bing, social media platforms, affiliate networks, and beyond. When you team up with us, you gain access to a dedicated paid-advertising squad committed to maximizing your conversions at minimal costs.

    A robust PPC campaign yields nearly instantaneous results. Our premium PPC management services ensure your business stands out before the right audience on Google, Bing, Facebook, and various other high-traffic platforms.


    We Align our Goals with Yours and we Guarantee Your Satisfaction. 









    *Results commonly achieved with our past clients

    How Silverfox Digital Ads Services Deliver Results

    Smarter Landing Pages

    To optimize your Digital Ads strategy, proper landing pages are essential. The main goal of a Digital Ads landing page is to guide leads through the purchasing process. Creating clear, conversational landing pages helps maximize your conversion rate while educating potential customers. Our expertise in ad variants, groups, and spending/bidding optimizations consistently boosts our clients’ campaigns.

    Social Media Advertising

    Social media ads services leverage platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X, and others to target prospects based on their networks, interests, hobbies, and online activities. Silverfox Digital transforms clients into brand advocates through precise social media marketing, expanding customer base and enhancing SEO effectiveness while fostering brand awareness and goodwill. 

    Banner Advertising

    Display advertising, with its captivating visual nature, can greatly enhance brand recognition and cultivate leads. Utilizing an array of visual elements such as text, images, and videos, it grabs attention across Google’s network, encompassing partner websites and apps. Silverfox Digital, a highly experienced digital ads agency, helps businesses craft compelling display ads that prompt leads to engage.

    Remarketing Advertising

    Silverfox Digital’s team of specialists can cut your marketing expenses by employing effective retargeting strategies to re-engage past conversions. Remarketing ads enable you to stay in the minds of potential customers even after they’ve left your website or completed a purchase. Through meticulous management, we’ll craft ideal bids and ads to entice leads and existing customers to revisit and convert.

    Shopping Ads by Google

    Google Shopping Ads appear in Google search results when customers seek specific products, rendering them among the most potent and precise ad tools for e-commerce site owners. Employing them enables you to target customers with explicit purchase intent. Our Google Ads experts devise tailored strategies aligned with your products and KPIs to optimize visibility, surpass competitors, and drive sales.

    Local Services Ads

    These lead-generation ads, positioned at the top of the page, enable leads to promptly call or message your business. Our management of Local Services ads (LSAs) empowers you to concentrate on managing your enterprise, while our Digital Ads experts concentrate on driving incoming calls. With Silverfox Digital, your business can become the most reputable company in your vicinity.

    Actionable Reporting

    We pride ourselves on delivering thorough analytics reports on a regular basis, ensuring you stay well-informed about the performance of your campaign and its alignment with your business objectives. Leveraging our expertise in cutting-edge tools like Google Looker Studio and Google Analytics (GA4), we provide you with comprehensive data analyses, empowering you to keep you informed.

    Search Engine Marketing

    Connect with potential customers searching for your products and services on Google, Bing, and other platforms through our search engine advertising management services. Search engine marketing offers a budget-friendly approach to achieving high visibility in search engine results (SERPs) and enhancing business exposure. We will develop compelling action-oriented ads that encourage your clients to act now.

    Conversion Optimization

    At Silverfox Digital, our specialists harness a range of analytics, surveys, and additional resources to refine your conversion funnel and attract higher-quality leads. Through rigorous testing and optimization of website and ad campaign signals, we can increase the percentage of visitors who complete your desired objectives. Transform clicks into revenue and enhance your business by collaborating with our experts in conversion optimization.

    Digital Ads Experts are Standing By!

    Unsure about the specific service you require? No problem. Drawing from our research, we’ll tailor a strategy to facilitate your growth!


    Ad Operations Assistant

    “Paid ads offer an unmatched opportunity to connect with customers precisely when they are seeking your product, maximizing your potential to drive conversions.”

    What’s Included in our Digital Advertising Plans?

    As a Google certified agency, we go beyond merely allocating advertising funds to attract clients. Our team interprets your performance through precise data, ensuring optimal utilization of every penny you sped. Our analytical playbook helps secure a high ROI, delivering exceptional outcomes for your paid ad campaigns. We prioritize optimization for metrics crucial to your business, and offer monthly reports for ongoing progress tracking.

    Get a No-Obligation Digital Advertising Consultation with Silverfox.

    sSilverfox Digital offer you a complimentary Digital Ads plan with no obligations. We’ll assess the current status of your digital ads and devise a personalized strategy aimed at boosting your brand’s web traffic and attracting clients!
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    How Much Does Digital Advertising Cost?

    Our Digital Ads management approach is direct, and our pricing mirrors this straightforward and cost-efficient model, consisting of two components:

    1. Set Up Fee: We will levy a sole, one-time charge to establish your advertising campaign.

    2. Management Fee: Our marketing team will monitor your ad campaign’s performance monthly and adjust metrics for progressively improved results. For budgets under $4,000 in monthly media spend, we impose a fixed rate of $599 per month per channel. For campaigns exceeding $4,000, our fee stands at 15% per month.

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    86 clients and counting rely on Silverfox Digital

    Based on reviews from Clutch, Google, and Facebook

    Mr. Colin Neubronner

    Michael at Silverfox is way ahead of the curve in terms of technology acumen and its application on a day-to-day basis. Michael has a much stronger digital marketing DNA than most of his peers.

    Ms. Dana Benhida

    Michael at Silverfox is way ahead of the curve in terms of technology acumen and its application on a day-to-day basis. Michael has a much stronger digital marketing DNA than most of his peers.

    Mr. Ryan Bowd

    Silverfox works tirelessly to deliver for clients, with a clear focus on meeting expectations and delivering results. Highly Recommended.

    Why Clients Choose Our PPC Campaign Management Services

      • Our team is comprised of experienced individuals with multi-market exposure, well-versed in all necessary PPC channels and analytics
      • For over nearly a decade, we’ve consistently excelled in managing digital ad campaigns for our clients
      • We craft tailored sales funnels, buyer’s journeys, and holistic marketing strategies that seamlessly integrate into each PPC advertising campaign
      • We possess expertise not only in Google but also in alternative search engines for efficient advertising We reduce your cost-per-click by implementing innovative approaches to leverage ad spend

      An Agency Team Centered around YOU

      Each solution is tailored to support your business’s distinct revenue goals. We empathize with the customer’s perspective and align our KPIs accordingly to fulfill their requirements. Our monthly PPC reports are data-rich, enabling you to monitor the progress we’ve made. Customer needs guide our decision-making process, and we maintain full transparency in all aspects of our work.

      Get a Better ROI, Guaranteed

      At Silverfox Digital, our objective is to deliver concrete outcomes for our clients. Therefore, assessing the performance of an agency should center on return on investment. From the inception of a campaign, we meticulously refine every aspect to ensure your investment yields optimal results. We continuously optimize, adjust, and refine the campaign to maximize ROI for your business.

      Decades of Experience

      Silverfox Digital stands out as a premier Digital Ad agency, boasting a diverse team of seasoned marketing professionals with extensive experience in the industry. Our experts hail from various realms of digital marketing, and our team has garnered numerous accolades for excellence from reputable entities like Clutch, UpCity, FWA, and other industry leaders. We are equipped to tackle any online marketing obstacle you encounter.

      Actionable Reporting

      Our approach to managing Digital Ad campaigns begins with thorough research & analysis, utilizing tools like Google Analytics (GA4) and Google Looker Studio. We delve deeply into understanding your industry, competitors, and customers. This ensures our ad selection is only on the most effective channels. Our commitment to continuous improvement never ends, as we aim to enhance leads and ROI from start to finish.